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Winner of the Water Innovation Prize

In 2012, the Unie van Waterschappen (Association of Regional Water Authorities) awarded the Water Innovation Prize to the development of the DMC system. The criteria for the prize included quality, innovation, sustainability and applicability. The jury’s report stated:

Sensor technology is a particularly interesting technology, in this project integrated into an existing system. The technologies used are not new and have been in development for several years, but their application is very innovative. This project is not only about monitoring the stability of the dike; action can be taken immediately if the measurement values indicate that this is necessary, thereby preventing potential damage as a result of failing flood defence systems. The jury considers the innovative monitoring of dikes to be of great importance. The sensor system is expensive, but the reconstruction of dikes costs considerably more.

This application can make a significant contribution to the safety and quality of dikes and to reducing the costs of dike management.