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Experts on the DMC

  • “The DMC is exceptionally innovative and also enormously practical. It just works. It is also simple to implement. The DMC allows you to keep dikes stable without unnecessary investments and substantial works.”
    Henk van ‘t Land, former Chair of the IJkdijk Foundation.
  • “The DMC gives me insight into what is happening in the dike in a simple way.”
    Jan Buitenwerf, Dike Manager at Noordzijldervest water board
  • “We have seen a test dike that was already collapsing being re-stabilised by the self-activated DMC.”
    Wouter Zomer, Director of the IJkdijk Foundation
  • “The DMC’s accuracy is amazing. We can control the water pressure precisely to within one centimetre of water column.”
    Harmen Haantjes, Deltares research institute
  • “I saw how effective the DMC is during a test at the IJkdijk. The water level there was increased until the dike was on the verge of collapse. Deltares could calculate that level precisely. At this critical stage, we activated the DMC, which re-stabilised the dike. Even when the water almost flowed over the dike, which, according to Deltares’ calculations, would normally be fatal, the test dike with the DMC remained intact. As soon as the DMC was turned off, the dike collapsed.”
    Harry Bos, DMC Programme Manager at VolkerWessels Telecom