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How it works in detail

Select one of these two animations to see how the system works.

    Microinstability explained

  1. 1.Microinstability demonstration
  2. 2.Water level rises
  3. 3.Water saturation increases
  4. 4.Dike collapses due to excessive water pressure
  5. 5.DMC demonstration
  6. 6.Water level rises
  7. 7.Water saturation increases
  8. 8.DMC removes water from the dike
  9. 9.Dike stabilises
  10. Piping explained

  11. 1.Piping demonstration
  12. 2.Water level rises
  13. 3.Water flows under the dike
  14. 4.Dike collapses due to washing away of soil particles
  15. 5.DMC demonstration
  16. 6.Water level rises
  17. 7.Water flows under the dike
  18. 8.DMC captures water flow
  19. 9.Dike stabilises