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Safer dikes

Dikes in the Netherlands are inspected thoroughly once every five years. This is very different to the Dike Monitoring and Conditioning System (DMC), which provides permanent clarity on safety. The DMC provides up-to-date information on the stability of the dike at any time. The dike manager can consult this information using a computer, smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever they wish, thanks to a secure, web-based data connection.DMC

There are permanently dikes waiting to be reinforced. Hundreds of kilometres in total. These dikes have failed inspections, which means that safety is under direct threat here. And safety issues are not immediately rectified. Organising and carrying out dike reinforcement usually takes a number of years. The DMC is safer: it prevents dikes from failing inspections. And where safety is already under threat, the DMC can quickly rectify this. The DMC is suitable for almost all dikes. The added value of the DMC is greatest if it is implemented as an alternative in situations where dike reinforcement has a major impact on the surrounding area.